Friday, August 24, 2012

The Lion at 15 Months

A year and 1/4.  Really?  He seems way too big.
I did actually try and get him to sit in the chair without anyone to help me.  AHHHH HAHAHAHA!!!!  Yeah, don't do that again.  At least now it's not so much an accidental fall off, it's a very intentional move on his part.  And he didn't fall.  It just looked like he was going to.  And then I chased him around snapping madly. 
Note the ever-present dog.
Robby continues to grow.  I know that shocks you.  I don't know exactly how tall, our appointment is on Tuesday.  But he went on Saturday because he had pink eye, and he weighs 23.8 pounds.  Which means...he continues to not gain a speck of weight.  That's just fine.  And really?  He's doing the equivalent of running marathons right now, so I'm not surprised he can't put weight on.  I am glad he was chunky to begin with, though!  His gut has just about disappeared.

Oddly enough, he doesn't speak much anymore.  He just stopped about a month ago.  He kept mama, dada, Bubba, Harper, and "nah" (snack), but dropped everything else.  He had to go for a hearing check last week with the ENT, Chris brought it up, and they actually got a little worried and suggested early intervention.  This seemed extreme, since he talked so much previously, so he asked Robby's daycare teacher to watch for words when he dropped him off.  Of course, that day, he pointed to his crib and told her "night, night" for the first time.  I think he's just preoccupied with other things right now.  Today, he definitely said truck and vacuum for me.  It just requires pushing him for it.

He definitely understands everything.  If he's in the mood (IF), he will perform just about any task you ask.  He amazed my friend that babysat for him last week, when I handed him a Kleenex, he wiped his nose, walked over to the cabinet, opened it, threw it in the garbage, and walked away.  She said, "He has some of my kindergarteners beat!"  Go lil man!  Admittedly, on the average day, he'd probably then either wipe the Kleenex against something "cleaning" or start emptying the garbage can.  Can't have it all, I suppose.

Above, he is pulling plugs out of the wall.  Sometimes, this even includes the entire outlet.  NOT THE COVER, THE OUTLET.  WTF!!!  Not a great new game.

He's getting pickier with food.  Usually he just grazes on snacks and ignores (meaning...throws on the floor for the dog) his dinner.  I need to start restricting the snacks, I suppose, but it's much easier to get dinner cooked that way!  His spoon skills are definitely improving, and he even has occasional success with a fork.  Have not tried knives, that'll probably be quite awhile.  ;)

The poor animals.  They are getting mauled on an hourly basis.  I continue to be amazed that Monster has scratched him ONCE in 15 months.  And I'm not even sure that one time was intentional.   And, hoo boy, does Robby deserve to get scratched.  That cat has been angelic.  The dog...a little less tolerant, but never intentionally hurts him.  Just her jumping up has gotten him thrown, or her paws pushing him away can scratch.

Everyday he seems less like a baby.  He now walks all the way out to the car from daycare on his own.  He runs to meet me at the gate, then leads me inside to get his bag, and then back out.  His poor teacher burst into tears today when I picked him up, because he moves up to the next class on Monday.  She had him from 3 months old, so a full year!  I felt really awful, she's been really great with him.  I meant to get a present, forgot, and now that's on the to-do list for this weekend.  At least she'll still get to see him in the mornings since he shows up early.

His favorite activities are destruction, being outside, climbing, and pressing buttons (on toys, not mom's...well...).  Hmm....think that's about it right now.  He loves to swim, sing, get spun by his hands, and do flips.  The most entertaining things when he gets home from daycare are going outside with the dog, drawing on the driveway with chalk, or going somewhere (pool, library, walk).  He's our "goose" and definitely keeps us laughing, on our toes, and on the go.  Love ya lil man! 


  1. So cute! My boy is 9 1/2 months and 23 lbs!! I must have a real chubb chubb :)

  2. what a little trouble maker! :) love it!