Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Felt Like a Stalker

Alright, and if she happens to read this, I'm going to feel like even more of one, but here goes.  There's a blog I read, and I swear I read it before I realized that the woman lived in my town.  I actually came across the link on someone else's blog who is not from this state, so there.  And it's not on my sidebar, so no clues.  Anyway, with all this vagueness, I have a story about how I'm an incredibly awkward loser.

Obviously, I immediately realized she was from "Philly".  Yeah, yeah, we all say that.  But then I started recognizing places.  Like, "Hey, that's our dinky town's fair."  Or, "That's a coffee shop on our ONE street with businesses."  This girl has some major followers.  And is kind of a bad-ass.  So, intimidated.

Yesterday, I go to the pool.  And, sure enough, there she is.  Hanging out with one of her friends and their kids.  And, I'm like, "Don't stare.  That's weird."  But then I realized she kept looking at me.  And I thought, "Huh, that's really odd.  I have like 15 readers."  So I went on about my splashing and chasing business.

After a little while, I started to think about, wait a minute...  Her son looks familiar.  And not in a, "I see him on her blog" familiar way.  But an "I actually know the kid" kind of way.  Only then does it hit me.  OH!  He's in swimming classes with Robby, duh!  Maybe that's why she recognizes me.  I never really pay attention to all the moms watching the classes from the sidelines.  In a class of about 8 babies, only 1 other mom is in the water, the rest are dads.  I just enjoy the class.  But I DID remember that when Chris took Robby to the class last week, he had come up with a nickname for her husband.  He thought he looked like a celebrity.  But he had commented that the wife was better looking than the celebrity's wife, and was pregnant and a brunette.  BINGO!  I had solved the mystery.

Still, I didn't say anything and just left.  And we aren't going to swimming class this weekend, either, because we legitimately had other plans.  But for some reason I now feel like that's me avoiding this person I've never talked to ever.  The strange, strange world of blogging and my awkward place in it.  


  1. How crazy!!! I don't think anyone lives near me...
    Small world though!

  2. How crazy! I am pretty sure no one lives near least the blogs I follow. Small world! You should say something to her :)

  3. You have piqued my curiosity too!!! More deets please!