Friday, August 10, 2012

This Working Mom's Day

Ok, so I'm on vacation, and not actually at work.  And I don't have any pictures, but ask and ye shall receive.  Kat of Living Like the Kings did a post on what her day looks like, and here's mine.

5:30 am   Robby wakes up and wants to nurse.  If I'm lucky, he'll go back to sleep, if not, we're up for the day.  If he goes back down, I go upstairs again and pretend to sleep for 20 minutes, which never actually happens.

5:50 am   If I fell asleep (or not) Chris has a stupid snooze alarm that goes off.  Not that he gets up.  On good days, I run down, hop in the shower, day starts.  Bad days, Robby hears the alarm and wakes up, and I may not get a shower (though I MIGHT get one after Chris is ready if things go well). 

6:00 am  I go down to the kitchen, start to pour my cereal, usually right about now Robby wakes up.  So, I go up and grab him, Chris has finally heard his alarm going off, and is in the shower.  I nurse Robby, change him into clothes, and come downstairs again.

6:20 am  BREAKFAST.  I plop Robby into his highchair with a banana or nectarine or some other fruit.  He'll have cereal at daycare later.  I plop on the couch with my bowl of cereal, and we watch the news.  Or maybe some Sesame Street if he's being fussy.  After, I run around trying to get clothes on and get out the door.

6:50 am   I leave for work.  Chris takes Robby to daycare around 7:15.  I get to work at 7:00.

7-3:30pm  Work.  I come home for lunch sometime between 12 and 1 for 1/2 an hour.  I don't really see people.  Lots of computer stuff.

4 pm   Pick up Robby from daycare.

4-6:00 pm  I play with Robby, try and do some cleaning, and get dinner ready.  A lot of days we'll go to the pool.  Occasionally a walk or the library.

6:00 pm   Chris gets home and we have dinner.

6:30-7:15 pm Dog walk.  This is a highlight of both Robby & Harper's day.

7:15-7:45 pm Bath, playing in Robby's room, nursing, going to bed.  He goes to sleep somewhere between 7:45 and 8:15.

8:15 pm We start madly doing projects or cleaning.  Recently, we've been renovating the kitchen, so the house isn't as clean as we'd like.  We still sweep, vacuum, and do dishes daily, but the rest is a little chaotic.  The last piece (counter tops) are being installed Monday, so hopefully it'll get back to normal.  This past week, I've been sick and passing out on the couch by 9:30 and not doing much unless Chris specifically requests that I do.  Usually, he goes to bed around 10, and I'm a ridiculous night owl and will be mucking around doing nothing useful until 11ish.

There's my working mom craziness!   


  1. omg i cant imagine doing a project with a tot. I'm always so tired/stressed that by 8pm the most i can do is plop my tired butt on the couch. my house suffers but i dont even care anymore.

  2. I LOVE your post! Thanks so much for posting about your day, too! What a crazy day you have. I remember the days of waking up and not eating breakfast for an hour later. Doesn't it feel great to type out your entire day? Thanks again for sharing!