Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lion at 4 Months

Happy 4 months little man!

I believe this month we made more mental and physical strides than growing ones.  Thank goodness.  The Lion was getting HUGE.  We did move up so that now we're wearing SOME 9 month clothes, but at least we didn't FULLY grow out of a size of clothing again.  As always, our appointment isn't until Tuesday, so I don't know official stats, but if my quilting mat and bathroom scale have anything to say about it, he's 27" and 15.5 lbs.  Which would put him at 100th percentile of height and 60th in weight.  Sheesh.  Still don't know how I ended up with a giant.

This month's physical achievements include mastering the tummy to back roll and, consequently, the speed rolling across the room.  He actually only goes to the right, though.  He still can't go the other direction.  So we have a little bit of safety in that.  He's become much more coordinated and loves pulling out his pacifier and putting it back in (sometimes).  He's finally interested in toys.  And grabbing animal fur.  Poor fur-babies.    He will now step while being held in a standing position, and can momentarily hold himself in a sitting position.  Though, in a "Mommy of the Year" moment yesterday, I learned he canNOT hold it long enough for a picture.  He conked his head on the floor pretty nicely when I tried.  :(

Mental gains include now saying many consonants (m, n, d, g, b) and a few different vowel sounds.  He likes to scream.  Which is EVER so lovely.  Of course, still lots of raspberries and bubbles and laughter.  He still likes books, but rarely will sit still for more than one.  Same with singing.  He loves having a stuffed animal with him, though doesn't care too much which it is.  He will now turn to look at you, and will sometimes look at what you tell him to (e.g. Dada, Momma, Puppy, Kitty...that's about it).  It sure seems like he's saying Momma when he's annoyed, but still doubt that.  Think it's coincidence.  

Daycare's going better.  He eats three 4oz bottles a day most days, and sleeps only a total of about 2-3 hrs.  He typically makes up for that the next day at home with me.  He definitely is learning a lot from being around older kids.  His class is still only "officially" him and Isaiah (who is 6 months, and chubby and adorable), but Miss Laurie also watches a few of the "Perky Penguins" (1 year olds) at the beginning and end of the day.  So, I've even met Patrick (13 m) and Lia (16 m).  And, can I just say that I'm jealous, seeing as Lia is one of my absolute favorite names and Chris won't go for it?  And she has the cutest little pom-pom pigtails.

Robby no longer is passive in these photo sessions.  He may give off that slug-like appearance in the photos I chose to post above...but there was a lot of movin and shakin going on...  And eventually a no-holds-barred cage match with the poor defenseless lion.

Comparison collages.  This first one doesn't have this month's picture in it because Picnik would only do 4 without a premium membership...and...I'm too cheap for that.  But I was so super excited to find that I actually DID have a newborn picture with the lion doll.  OK, it was 1 week.  But close enough.  Better than I had before.'s proof that, if anything, he looked bigger last month.  Just with less hair.


  1. Aww he is so cute! And so big! Were still in 6 months Clothes here and P is 8 months old!!

  2. He is so cute!! I love that age!

  3. WOW! 9 months clothes at 4 months old! Big boy! He is so so cute and I love hearing about all of his developments :D