Monday, September 26, 2011

Growing into gifts

I find myself frequently thinking of my son as one of those gel capsules that you put into water and it just explodes into some sponge shape.  Ya'll have to have played with those at some point in your childhood.  He just has grown so QUICKLY.  This has led me to really appreciate larger-sized gifts that I received at my baby showers.  Some of the ones that seemed huge at the time are starting to fit.  Take for example this adorable dinosaur hat from Raquel and Jeff:

Oh, wait, hiding from the picture.

Nope, don't want to be sitting.

Yay!  Mom's finally letting me stand up!  (Hence, the complete obscuring of the hat.  Ah well.)

Also, he's finally starting to use the most adorable gift I received, and had raved about previously from Matt & Michelle (Who are providing their own lil playmate for the buddy soon!  So excited!).  This bag of farm animals is so very cute, but also a great toy for both now, and when he starts imagining.  Right now the horse is his favorite because it has a tail that's easy to hold on to.

And, is also, delicious.

So, my decision has been made.  I'm going to be trying to get gifts that seem huge and/or advanced from now on.  Because they all grow into them (entirely too soon!).

Thanks everyone!!!


  1. love those pictures! he is such a ham!

  2. I love that hat! Does it even have a tail hanging off the back? Adorable - and Kat's right; what a ham!