Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congrats...now improved with mustaches!

This weekend we returned to Columbus to celebrate my bridesmaid Hannah marrying her LONG time boyfriend Jeremy.  I went to high school with the two of them.  And they were dating then.  And we're ancient. This is a couple that knows each other well.  And is all the better for it.

Jeremy just about made me cry because he had told the Rabbi that, "No one has ever made me happier than Hannah, and no one could ever make me happier than Hannah."  I sat there cursing my eye make-up.  The two of them really are suited for each other, and I love them dearly.  Congrats, ya'll!

Now the important part.  They had a photo booth!  And accessories!  My parents stopped by the reception briefly (...and the bride and groom were so excited about this that they walked out to the parking lot to say hi!  I was amazed!) to let me introduce Robby to people.  Children were welcome, but we assumed that there was no way that he'd last through a ceremony and reception without much screaming.  And, our friends that have a daughter a week younger made it about an hour into the reception, so we think we made the right call.  But our photo booth photo:

I'm a little in love with this.  Too cute.  And now since I'm out of time, a few other photos:

Typical.  Me dancing with little girls.

Yes, they put on rain ponchos.  And yes, we were worried that the cake was going to tip over before they cut it.

Hannah made it up in the chair.

And...eventually so did Jeremy. (featuring some guy's head)

Lots of love!

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  1. Love the moustaches!! Aren't photobooths the greatest? Looks like fun!!