Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

We're looking at about a week straight of rain at this point, which all started with 6" in 24 hours last Thursday to Friday.  Unfortunately, during that first deluge, our basement flooded.  "Flooded" may be a bit of an extreme term, as there was no standing water, but it has wreaked havoc here, yet again.

Although Chris needs to be studying, this week, he has been meeting with contractors to address the water and mold issues in our basement.  When we pulled up the drenched carpet on Saturday morning, a smell eminated that was so strong that it burned our eyes.  Unfortunately, that smell was all too identifiable as mold.  It doesn't seem to have travelled too far, but we have removed all the carpet, and are in the process of tearing out the paneling, removing the bar, and seeking to address the issue.  This is yet another instance in which we realize just how unethical the woman that sold us this house was.  There is clearly evidence that the basement had flooded previously, yet she marked off "no water damage".  Just like she marked off "no termite damage".  And painted over the spot in the dining room where water from the leaking roof had perforated the ceiling.  We do realize that there is very little we could do to recover any damages from her, as the court process would be long, difficult, and likely to cost more than any remedies we have had to pursue.  Nevertheless, you better believe that if she ever showed up at our front door, there would not be a warm welcome. 

We also just don't know how to handle it at this point.  We are desperately trying to save money for various reasons right now, but this looks to be another multi-thousand dollar bill to install french drains, a sump, mold-proof, etc..., after just having spent almost that much to keep the dog alive.  So..."savings" just starts to sound like a joke.  Of course, insurance will do nothing to help since "flooding" is not covered.  We're just tired.  I've been joking every week with Chris that, "I promise that we won't have any major life events this week so that you can study and pass this test"...but I think I need to stop making that promise.   


  1. Oh no!! That sucks!!

    You can send the rain down here to Houston.

  2. UUGHHH! :( I'm actually in your neck of the woods today!