Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Inside Joke

Fairly early on in our relationship, Chris and I visited my grandparents in New Hampshire.  (and have every year since)  On the drive up, we passed a Moose-crossing sign.  I have gone to New Hampshire every year of my life, only missing the trip twice.  I have NEVER seen a moose.  Regardless, Chris and I decided it was our goal to see a real, live moose, and to remind us of that, we started imitating Bullwinkle.  Badly.  But, it's continued to be a silly little thing we do, throwing up the moose antlers (otherwise known as jazz hands), and saying "Hey, Rocky..."

To this day, we have still never seen a moose.  It would be nice.  However, I'm posting because Alexander Anderson, Jr., Bullwinkle's creator has died.  We can't help but be sad that someone that contributed to a fun aspect of our relationship has passed on.  So, here's a small tribute to Mr. Anderson, and below is the link to the BBC News article.

Rocky and Bullwinkle creator Alexander Anderson Jr dies

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  1. I was also sad that on my trip to NH, I didn't get to see a moose. So sad about Alexander Anderson!