Friday, June 4, 2010

Where I Come From

Chris and I flew back into Columbus from Hawaii last night, have picked up our puppy, and are now driving back to Pennsylvania.  Back to the real world.  Sigh.  Had to happen, I suppose.  I'll be doing many, many more wedding and honeymoon posts, but for now, as I leave my parents', I will thank them for watching our baby girl and hosting a wonderful wedding by embarrassing them.  Well, not really.  For instance, I know my mother actually really loves this picture from the wedding:

See where I get it from?!?  I think my parents had a good time...

One of my mom with her girls:

And, ok, they aren't in these pictures, but here's their usual crew:

And my dad's best man from their wedding made it!!! not in this picture.  His wife is, though.  They've become part of the "regular" crowd after hanging out at my brother's wedding, too.

Thank you again, Mom and Dad!  Harper's gonna miss you, too!

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