Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Morning Reflections

Quick little note about this morning.

1)  If you are trying to flirt with a woman, do not tell her that her dog looks unfriendly.

2)  Most dogs dislike cats (and squirrels).  Therefore, barking at a cat, even if the dog is large, and pulling on the leash to GET to the cat, is not an indication of being "unfriendly".

This is a public service announcement by your local large-dog owner.

(I am beyond frustrated by the number of people that automatically express fear of my GSD.  She is one of the most loving creatures on the planet, but, yes, is frustratingly high in energy and STILL A PUPPY.  I do not want to hear from small dog owners about how I should "control" her, when I walk her 5 miles a day, she stops and turns on vocal command, and generally is very well behaved, while their stupid little fluff-ball is running around like a lunatic.  You know what?  YES, if she pulls, I have to exert more effort to control her.  This does not mean she's attacking anyone.  So get off your high horse and quit being so offensive.

I am more than capable of controlling my dog.  YES, she is 70 pounds, very strong, and very high energy.  This is why, beyond walking her so much, I run or swim on my own, lift weights, and do exercise videos in addition, almost every day.  If I didn't feel I could control her, should she ever snap, it would be irresponsible of me to own her.  By no means is this the case.  I would like to get the jumping/excitement a little more under control, and improve leash skills, but ya know what?  I think for an 8 month old puppy she's pretty incredible.  Oh, and just for reference?  She has breezed through 3 training classes, finishing at the top of her class, and knows more commands/words than the average kindergartner.  Breathing.  Rant over.)

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