Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Late Father's day...kinda?

So, I did not talk to my father on father's day.  I have not talked to him since then, either.  I have not sent a card, nor a present.'s not what you think.  My father is having the trip of a lifetime.  Currently, he and my mother are in Alaska.  Somewhere.  They started this little jaunt by going to Chicago and helping my brother move out of his apartment.  (Jim's moving to NYC, and he and Sara are currently gallivanting in China, but that's a story for another time.)  After the heavy labor, they boarded a train, went all the way across the top of the country, stopped in Seattle to visit my uncle, and then embarked on a cruise up north.  I'll have to catch him (and let him know there's an old post) when he gets back in a couple weeks.  Anyway, a few shots of my dad.

My parents are pretty darn active, though it's harder for my mom after the accident.  My dad's really stepped it up and taken on a lot of what she used to do.  Drives her nuts that she has to rely on someone else, but he was so protective when she couldn't walk.  She was THRILLED when he went to the Final Four tournament with my brother and flew me out to Ohio to take care of her.  I let her do crazy things like go to the grocery store and the mall.  Sorry, Dad, broke your rules.  ;)

My parents met when they were just starting college.  My mom and her roommates had a bet to see who could go on the most dates in one day.  My mother didn't win, but it IS how she met my dad.  She had agreed to go to the same dance with 2 guys on the floor of his dorm.  They figured it out, and she had to set up her roommate (who later won the bet with 8 dates in one day) with one of them.  My father met her because they wanted to see who the girls with the bet were.  He later helped move her stuff out of her sorority when it was on fire.  That finally "fanned the flames".  *gag*  (Bad pun in honor of you, Dad!)  Now, I know you're thinking the craziness sounds like me, but I get it from my Dad, too.  He was a college basketball player, and working as a bartender at the time, so don't think he was this sweet, naive guy that got manipulated by a tigress.  He can stand his own.

Livin it up with my aunt and cousins.  Gotta love Alex's hair.  Reason for the photo, really.  Anyway, something about my dad.  He is VERY focused when he starts a project.  It's a talent that I wish I shared!  Once he starts something, he will finish even the tiniest detail with precision before coming up for air.  This is not only work, but, for instance, he spent DAYS trying to get the doors in my house to shut properly.  THANK YOU!

This is after I had moved out.  They started going on vacations with family friends.  You may recognize the T's from the crazy dance shots at the wedding.  Jealous I missed out on the cruise!  Although Danielle said that this was one of the most horrifying experiences of her life because my parents participated in a "Newlywed Game" of sorts as the couple married 25 years (what, 8 years ago?).  They asked my father something about what he does naked, and showed that clip and his answer on the all-ship TV network repeatedly.  I don't know more about the clip, and I don't want to.  But I'm not surprised that my Dad was game for a laugh!

My Father/Daughter dance to "Delaney Talks to Statues".  My sweet Father apparently was so touched by the song that he drove my mother insane.  He played it multiple times a day, and changed his ring tone to play it on his phone.  LOVE YOU DAD!  Thanks for everything!

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  1. What a lovely tribute. I bet when he gets back this brings a tear or two.