Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honeymoon Part 2: Finally!

What an appropriate day to finally be doing this post!  We have now officially be married 10 Hollywood years...or 1 month in regular-person time.  How's it going?  Well...pretty uneventfully, to be honest.  I haven't discovered any skeletons I didn't know about, no big fights, nutin scary to report.  We're the same boring old married couple we were...before we got married.

I decided to do one more post on the Big Island, since I loved it too much.  I only made one attempt to run on the honeymoon.  I did a lot of HIKING, but very little running.  Even this day, because I ended up on a VERY rocky trail, and ended up enjoying the scenery and taking pictures more than pounding the pavement.  But, I took a picture as proof that I tried.

Resting on the edge of a cliff

Ended up in an archeological dig site of a village that had been on the coast.

What scenery to "run" by!!!

AND, what a great way to END the run!

No turtles were approached, this was a zoom lens.  But we couldn't believe we were sharing a beach with this guy!

This was one of the palaces on the Hawaiian Islands...I must say our standards of living have certainly changed.  It was lovely, but just smaller than I'd assume a royal residence would be.

We watched some boat races, while sipping some local beers.  (Don't think we found any duds.)

And, believe it or not, this is the Kona airport.  REALLY, it is huts.  This shot is taken from the seating area at our gate.

Alright, hopefully I'll have Oahu up tomorrow, and then you're just going to be back to the regular life of Katy and Chris.  Sad, isn't it?  Happy 1 month, though!



  1. Happy 1 month! Jon and I are celebrating 3 years this July! Oh how time flies when you're having fun...right? I'm just kidding about the fun part...

  2. PS- I LOVE the new design! So much!

    That's comment #2 on one post...is that legal?

  3. Ha! With my traffic? ABSOLUTELY.