Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trouble with a Capital T

I know I have no room to talk.  I was a terror.  And Robby's generally a good kid, but he's REALLY starting to push the boundaries.  Please remember that he is not yet 2.  (I haven't missed that many posts!)  Since I'm severely behind, though, here's a quick glimpse into our world.  

(see full image)

The cute:

Part of my mother's day present was a picture collage that Chris had made.  I showed it to Robby, and his response was, "Robby cute!"  Yup.  You are.  But, geez.  Big head?

The not so cute:

He escapes out of doors about 50 times a day.  At least he mostly goes out the back 2, which both lead into the fenced yard.  However, see above.  He's been trying to scale the fence.

The scary:

Two.  In two days.

1)  Yesterday, in approximately 30 seconds while I was changing, he climbed the toilet, opened the medicine cabinet, got the liquid ibuprofin, and removed the "childproof" cap.  Fortunately, Chris caught him at that point.

2)  Today, he climbed a couch to get to an open window, popped out the screen, and was climbing through, as he called to me, at which point I turned around and proceeded to freak out.

If my child survives toddler-hood it will be a miracle.  


  1. hah! it sounds like life is about to get much busier and more interesting! haha! is this what I am in for with a boy!?

  2. Omg! That is scary! He is an escape artist. Hope this phase passes super quick for you guys !