Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Lion at TWO YEARS

Happy Very Belated Birthday, Robby!

That was literally you "yesterday" (last Thurs), but it seems like yesterday was: 
1 month, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months

At 2 years old you are so my child.  You are rambuncious, smart, curious, a dare-devil, sweet, but certainly willful.  You know what you want, and you aren't afraid to try and get it all on your own.

Physically, there's not much you can't do.  You can't hold up two fingers, but you happily tell everyone that you're two years old.  You're fairly good at saying what your full name is, but we're working on that.  I have all sorts of fears you'll get lost and not be able to respond.  You can at least tell your dog's name, and occasionally your mom and dad's names.

We're still working on undressing, which, surprisingly, you have not mastered.  It would make this whole potty-training experience easier.  As of when I'm writing this, you have gone to daycare 2 days in a row in big boy underwear.  You did great yesterday with only one accident.   

Your favorite foods are pretty much all bad for you.  And you're getting indulged way too much right now.  This is largely related to potty training, too.  You'll start small.  "Bean?" (jellybean) "Ok, if you go potty you can have a bean."  "Chocolate?"  "Ok, if you go potty you can have a chocolate."  *devilish look*  "Pop?" (popsicle) *sigh*  "Ok, if you go poopies you can have a popsicle."  Bribery at its finest.

You can be a cute little bugger, and you know it.  You'll run away from your dad and say, "Love you, Mommy" with a glint in your eye.  You are forever trying to push JUST to the limit of what you are allowed to get away with.  And, again, you probably get away with too much.

Saturday you got in trouble at swimming.  You kept jumping into the pool before the count of three and the teacher came over and reprimanded you.  OHHHH were you pouty.  It was nice to see you'd listen to her, though.  Must.  Be.  Firmer.

You were absolutely adorable on your birthday singing "Happy Birthday" over...and over...and over.  You can be a little obsessive at the moment.  You LOVE the movie Chicken Run ("Watch Chicken?"), your Mater and "Football Man" t-shirts, chocolate, "Ham" (Green Eggs and Ham - which we lost for a couple days and that was traumatizing), doing things your "self", now being forward-facing in the car, trucks, and the park.  You don't like being dirty, your environment being dirty, getting soap rinsed off you, diaper changes, waking up, getting licked by the dog, or mommy going more than a few inches away from you. 

You're my big man.  I don't know if that's really true or not.  We haven't had your appointment yet, but you're in 3T shirts, 2T pants, and 7.5 shoes.  You still like to be carried (oof!), but are happy to run more and more often.  I love that you're getting more independent, but already miss baby-hood a little.  I'm glad you're still a cuddler, though you're no longer a big fan of sitting on laps.  I wish I got to spend more time with you, but you're growing into a pretty great kid, regardless.  Happy birthday.


  1. Happy 2nd birthday to your little man! Man they grow sooo fast :)

  2. It seems like yesterday I was reading your blog posts about your pregnancy and you decorating his nursery. I cant believe he is already TWO! Happy belated Birthday!!