Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Lion at 23 Months

Can you believe we only have one more to go until 2?  He may be getting more opinionated (which I never thought was possible!), but man oh man, I must tell you.  I love 23 months.  Are we having tantrums, meltdowns, and battles?  You betcha.  But I'm also getting to have conversations.  And getting to talk about feelings.  And see him starting to learn CONCEPTS.  It's a pretty darn exciting time, I tell ya.

For the most part, I'm definitely picking my battles.  For instance, you see the shirt in these pictures?  Not a big fan.  But when he saw a metallic, Mater shirt at Wal-Mart?  WHOO boy.  Had to have it.  But, on an upside, the shirt that he MUST wear daily and has a meltdown if it's not clean?  "The Shirt" from Notre Dame this year.  (see the bottom photo)  He calls it "Football Man".  Chris is now on a mission to find a "Football Man" shirt from Penn State. 

He continues to LOVE trains, trucks, and sports.  I was a little surprised that at Target when we went to the birthday aisle and talked about plates, he chose the sports-themed one over Thomas or Cars.  Of course, we don't have a party planned, and I'm not sure if we'll have one, but mommy guilt is setting in on that front.  If the house really did pass inspection, I guess we don't have to worry about keeping it so clean anymore.  (For those not in the know, it sold after 2 days on the market with 3 people bidding on it.  We got full asking price.  We currently have nowhere to new to live.)

Lil man loves playing outside, and is very into doing things on his own.  Whether that's going on slides by him "self", climbing into the car by "self", pouring cereal, turning off lights, whatever the case may be.  All by "self".  

He is getting to be a fairly picky eater.  He steals whatever drink I might have (See the Gatorade above.  Another side, I was in urgent care AGAIN for yet another nasty bought of bronchitis, which fortunately did not turn back into pneumonia.  I'm just off drugs now.  Doing ok.)  He still likes carbs best.  Some fruit is still ok, but beyond that?  It's a bit of a battle.  Not really a fan of veggies or meat.  We have started letting him have Cars Gummy vitamins, which the only struggle with that is only letting him take one (since he has to get it "self").

I'm not sure how big he is.  He wears 3T shirts, and 2T pants, though they can be a little long.  His shoes are a size 7.  I think he's about 32 pounds?  Not sure.  He's not growing nearly as fast as he was, but it's still to fast for my taste!  I don't know WHERE my little boy went.

He pretty much says everything now.  He can tell you some words that start with a given letter (D is for dog), though that's not particularly consistent, and he is NOT saying his alphabet or counting more than, "Two Three, Two Three".  He will tell you he's TURNING two, and, miracle of miracles, I think he knows his colors.  I was convinced he was going to be color blind because of family history, but seemingly not.  He did repeat his first swear word a couple days ago, which was absolutely my fault.  Though it's his father's fault that he'll run up behind me, smack my butt, and yell, "BOOTY!"

 He's starting to develop a sense of humor, though his idea of a good joke is that a cow says "Oink".  He loves to have conversations back and forth, and they're surprisingly revealing at times.  A couple days ago he was telling me how his things had gone bye bye to the "new house" (packed for storage) and it made him sad.  I'm really worried about taking him away from his friends and teachers.  I imagine that's going to be hard.  They've been so wonderful with him, and at least they are continuing on the potty training mission, even if we aren't so good at home.  He's still only going probably 3x a day in a potty.  More frequent dry nights, though. 

Robby, you are mommy's little man.  I may have briefly fallen out of favor after the extended business trip, but you're back to being my perpetual side-kick when I'm at home.  I just wish it was more!  I only get a little over two hours a day with you, and that's rough.  I'm glad you still want to be around me every second of that time.  I'm glad you're such a good boy.  I wish I could take more credit.  I'm so thankful your daddy has been able to step up so well, though it hurts to not be the one there with you after school.  I hope two will be as wonderful as one, and that you remain my little man.

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  1. He is such a cutie! He seems like a really smart little guy too :) hope you find a great new home soon!