Wednesday, March 13, 2013

She was CRAZY

Ok, no she wasn't.  Kat was exactly the person I thought she was, which is a very good thing!  It only even took her about 5 minutes to send a text to her husband telling him I wasn't a serial killer, either.  Glad I make a good first impression, but really?  I could've faked it for 5 minutes, right?  (Note: I'm NOT a serial killer.)

I took zero pictures, so that's not going to help you at all, but we went to a delicious wine bar/tapas place that seems a bit like a speak-easy because the door is impossible to find.  We shared 4, would've had more, but had to run to "catch" my train.  Which I missed.  So I bought another ticket for a local train which ended up putting me on with a fairly scary homeless man who kept yelling at all of us that got back to NYC at 11:00 pm.  I then had to catch a subway to get me closer to my hotel, then walk about 6 blocks by myself at night.  The good news is that serial killers generally didn't seem to be roaming the streets yesterday, and I made it home just fine.  Obviously, there is much more to say, but...shock of all shocks, I don't have time.  I just wanted to reassure everyone I was alive and well.   


  1. That sounds like a scary journey home, but fun time out!

  2. ok that sounds TERRIFYING! I am so sorry :( :( :( and THANK YOU for meeting me :) I had so much fun!