Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter!

OK, OK, I know I'm very behind.  So I've at least uploaded everything, I'll make this a quick one, and maybe there is a chance that I'll get some posts out this week.  We had a wonderful time with lots of family visiting (separate post) and my parents have been in town helping out, since Robby's daycare was closed on Good Friday, and we're going crazy prepping the house for sale.  

Robby really was angelic today.  He woke up, found his basket, and ate WAY too much candy.

My mother spent the morning hemming the pants on an Easter outfit she had found for Robby.  I feel like a bit of a failure, as so many things just aren't on my radar right now.  I'm hoping that one of these days I start to feel a bit more accustomed to the routine.

At church, he got very nervous, and cuddled for a good 1/2 of the service before he ever needed books, food, or walks outside.  I count that as a win.

After church, we headed straight to brunch, which was delicious, and he ate his own omelet.  The rest of us over-indulged, as well.

Robby did a surprisingly good job with the Easter bunny, happily getting a piece of chocolate, and giving a high five.  No freak outs.  Of course, we didn't attempt a better picture than this:

We got home, Robby actually napped, my husband and father seemed to do a bit better with their respective illnesses, and we got a few crazy chores (like cleaning out the attic) crossed off the list.

Successful day!  See Robby's newest truck from his grandparents below.  He's fairly obsessed and is walking around mumbling "logging truck" pretty much 24/7 at the moment. 

 And one last moment of cutest before I run.  I'll be back!  I promise!


  1. you are moving?! details!! ...and I cant believe how big Robby is getting! CRAZY!