Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lion at 13 Months

I know, I know.  I'm very late with this, and I still haven't taken his traditional picture in his chair.  I'm not sure if I should continue now that he's over a year old?  I'll put up a few from his 13-month-day, though.


Physical Activity

Right now there is nothing Robby loves more than to "help".  See the picture of him sweeping above.  On the wood floors he will literally push the broom back and forth by himself.  If only he was good at hitting the ENTIRE floor, instead of just one high traffic stripe!  I hope his enthusiasm stays up until he can master that.  Since the ear tube surgery, his balance is so much improved that his walking is fantastic.  He can zip across a room at almost a jog.  He also is climbing, and I have turned around more than once to find him standing on a chair or a speaker.  He carries very heavy objects like brooms, tubs of toys, or others weighing probably a good 5 pounds and doesn't loose balance.  He is signing a little bit (mostly eat), points a lot, and is gaining more dexterity with his hands.  He likes to color with both crayons and sidewalk chalk, and is starting to be able to turn the pages of regular books (though he also likes to rip those pages, so we don't try it too often).  He has been starting to try and use a spoon, but it is still very messy. 

Bringing the dog harness to go on a walk

Mental Leaps

He isn't talking much more, but his ability to communicate is better.  He brings the things he wants to do (see the dog harness), and will tell you "no" or giggle wildly for "yes".  He is wayyyyy too good at "shopping" which is our term for pulling items out of cabinets that have door latches on them.  He LOVES his shape sorter cube, though he usually just takes off the lid and puts the blocks in it that way.  He is starting to pretend.  For instance, he tries to use EVERYTHING as a phone and talk into it.  He mimics us, yelling at the dog, or doing the same activities that we're doing.  Recently, since we've done a lot of renovations, he's managed to get ahold of paint brushes and "paint" things.  Thank goodness there was no paint involved!


Oh, he's definitely getting pickier.  Which is amplified by the fact that he can say no, and throw really well.  He would prefer to always walk with his food, but then we end up with smears all over the house.  His current favorites are peanut butter, graham crackers, fish, and berries.  I am done pumping during the day (yay!) and only nurse morning and night.  Unfortunately, he is refusing milk.  In all forms.  We get MAYBE one cup of coconut milk in him a day.  It's a bit of a problem.

Toys and Playing

I mentioned that the shape sorting cube is one of his favorites.  He also is FINALLY enjoying books more again.  Woo hoo!  He will pull them out, sit down, and read them to himself.  He prefers to sit on your lap and do it, though.  Which, I am so very happy about.  He was never particularly affectionate and now wants to sit in your lap and give hugs and kisses (that aren't bites in disguise!).  That does not mean that we've totally eliminated the biting issue, but it's getting a little better.  I only have a few bruises at the moment.  ;)  If you don't know what he wants to do, though, or decide to do something different, he still may hit or bite, or throw a temper tantrum.  He currently has THREE scrapes on his forehead where he whacked it into things when he was upset.  Sigh.  Guess there's an up and a down to becoming more independent.  

I love how sweet and funny you can be.  I even love how opinionated and vocal you can be...sometimes.  It shows that you're becoming a little man.  I am starting to miss having a baby, but I do love my toddler.  Happy 13!

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  1. hahha don't you just LOVE the little helper? Peanut has to do EVERYTHING, from cleaning to handing us things to putting the dog in the crate to walking the dog to folding laundry. And what I really mean is drag a dirty rag all over the place, giving the dog treats non stop all day long, holding on to the leash while I have a heart attack that she's going to fall, and scattering my clean, folded laundry all over the house.