Monday, June 18, 2012

In Love with Daddy

I probably have the only husband on the planet that requested that we clean for Father's Day.  And, I swear, we don't have a dirty house!  He just really likes it to be tidy.  Robby was upset when he couldn't help more than he was allowed.

On Saturday:

He wasn't allowed to mow the lawn.

He wasn't allowed to vacuum up the metal shavings from the vent pipe Chris put in.  (He's trying to open the door so he can get down to the vacuum.)

He had to sit on the side lines while laundry was being folded.  (Ok, he was really getting pulled around in the laundry basket and having a blast.)

And he went to bed  before Harper ran through the screen door.

And then on SUNDAY, he was napping while we were working on renovating the bathroom.

Sheesh.  Life is rough for the little guy.  But he did get to spend a lot of time with his great dad, who make him laugh more than anyone, and is the best role model possible.  Even if he's being turned into a neat freak.  He's one lucky little man.  We love you, Chris!

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  1. that poor little man - when will he ever get to do all that manual labor?? Soon, little Lion, so soon ;)