Sunday, June 24, 2012

Basement Bathroom Remodel

Ooh boy, am I exhausted.  It's been a long week, but we finished the basement bathroom.  Can I tell you how much harder it is to renovate with a toddler running around?  Most of the work had to take place while he was asleep.  And Chris took Friday off.  But it's done!  And it looks a MILLION times better.

The day we moved in:
Wasn't it lovely?  We lost the shower curtain immediately, but had to keep the laminate flooring on the walls for WAY too long.  Also, it had a non-functioning light/fan...ok, it functioned, but also smelled like something was burning.  Also, about the toilet was a really cruddy looking medicine cabinet/light combo that was SUPPOSED to be embedded into the wall.  It was not.  It's raw edges were out for the world to see.  Typical handiwork of the previous owners.

Yes, we have an off-beat shower curtain (we've had that awhile), but it's charming, right?  And we have a couple-joke about moose.

Most of what Chris did on Friday was put up bead board and trim.

WAY more storage.

New mirror, sconce light, and fan/light (that's actually vented OUTSIDE now, instead of to the laundry room).  We did end up only doing one sconce because of electrical issues, but I like it.

New flooring.  It's vinyl tile that we grouted, but I still think it looks great.  And we continued it out onto the landing.  We'll be using the same style, but larger size in the kitchen. next week.  Phew.

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