Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnancy Flashback

Wow!  I honestly didn't think something could make me have warm-fuzzies about 35 weeks pregnant, but...my friend Kelle did!  I had asked for this wonderful non-photographer, but game friend to take some pictures of me, since I didn't really have any good ones, and OHHHHH am I so glad that she did!  They are wonderful!  Even if I'm only seeing them now for the first time.  ;)  It actually is almost nicer this way, since it's fun to look back now that it really seems like a distant memory.  We went to Valley Forge Park, wandered around, and I did a bunch of things that scared her.  Ha!

Anyway, with little commentary...35 weeks pregnant with the Lion

(yes, I was rock-climbing, she was horrified)



  1. Nice Pics Kelle!
    Katy...you were walking on wood posts like they were balance beams? seriously? one kick from the lion and you would have fallen off!
    Overall...glad you have these pics.

  2. LOOOVE THOSE! Actually makes me miss being pregnant