Friday, May 25, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - SYTYCD

I have never denied my love for So You Think You Can Dance, and Season 8 looks like it won't disappoint!  Last night's premiere was full of all of the talent, drama, and spectacular performances we have come to expect.  Thank goodness for a talent show that displays actual skill.  (No, I do not watch any of the other "reality" or "talent" shows that are just media machines.  Blah.)

Mary was cackling, Nigel was messing with people's heads, Lil C was making up words, and...ugh, broadway boy was making it about him.  I might not be a fan of the last guy.  ;)  However, I couldn't really disagree with any of the love or lack there of this time around!

Who are my favorites from last night?

Shafeek Westbrook - This breaker's musicality is just incredible. And I don't just like him for being from Philly!

Daniel Baker - Ok, he's mostly nice to look at.  But also a talented ballet dancer from the SF ballet.

And, not surprisingly, my mom's group is a huge fan of
Bree Hafen - Mom of the cutest little girl ever

There were too many stand-outs to list, but these were a few.  Can't wait for next week!

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