Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mom's Recovery at 1 Week

***This is in the interest of full disclosure.  You may not want to know about some topics.  Please pay attention to the headers and skip where you want.***

Weight Loss/Body Image

Alright, I look awesome.  I'm not going out in a bikini or anything, but I never thought I'd be this far along this fast.  The swelling's pretty much gone as of about 2 days ago (even my feet!), and the weight is FALLING off.  I have lost 16 of the 30 pounds I ended up gaining, and I have done NOTHING to encourage this.  I continue to lose about 1-2 pounds a DAY and my stomach continues to shrink to the extent that it's a joyful surprise every morning. 

I AM breastfeeding, which must take full credit.  I continue to eat as much as I want, and have no intention of doing otherwise, as I have heard too many horror stories of dieting affecting production.  I am trying to choose healthy options when I'm hungry (e.g. grab a yogurt instead of a candy bar), but am doing nothing else when it comes to my diet.  I am not drinking enough water (shocking, I know), and it really needs to be my focus this week, as I've been very dehydrated and getting headaches.

In the picture, I'm wearing non-maternity, size medium pants (woo!), but... a size XL nursing tank.  SERIOUSLY people.  I have zero problem with the size, but I just continue to wonder what someone who actually IS larger is supposed to wear.  Manufacturers really need to address this.  Stepping off my soapbox.


Again, I am SUPER  lucky.  I haven't even experienced any baby blues.  Exhaustion, yes.  Frustration, yes.  But really?  I'm enjoying our new life!


OK, I'm an ignorant first time mom, but I had assumed that I'd feel like I'd had the most hardcore ab workout ever.  Nope.  Your abs really aren't involved.  This shocked me.  What is sore?  My biceps.  Little man gets heavy!  I'll be rocking some guns soon!


Once again...LUCKY.  Robby latched on the first time in about 30 seconds and is an absolute pig.  He would like to eat pretty much every hour.  Fortunately, there are no production issues, but if I have to complain...the frequency is REALLY tough because it makes things hurt.  A lot.  I've heard it gets better soon.  Hoping. 

Sitting and the Problem with Stitches (***TMI warning***)

Here is where recovery has been really rough.  I am glad to have only pushed for 5 minutes...but it resulted in the need for many stitches.  They are not fun.  They make sitting very difficult.  And they have not healed well.  I ended up with an emergency appointment at the doctor on Friday, where I got an additional medication.  I am OVERJOYED to report that as of today I'm doing much better and am starting to be able to move around.  I look forward to continued improvement. 

Obligatory Cute Baby Picture


  1. you look awesome!! i love those nursing tanks and with AM going on 9 months i still live in them! this comment will probably be TMI but in the beginning i LATHERED on the breast cream after EVERY nursing. EVERY one and I never had any problems. after a few weeks of that, we were good to go. I had some crazy stitches too but mine were internal...i had to make a quick trip to the doc too b/c mine was healing funky. anyway, i sat on my left butt cheek for almost 5 weeks. ugh. good news is that eventually everything heals and the little ones are oh so worth it for a few weeks of discomfort!!! i love your posts and i love Robby!

  2. ~ * ♥ * ~

    It's really nice to hear how Mom goes after the new baby arrives and not just how bubba's doing! And "awwwww" at the Obligatory Cute Baby Picture... He's gorgeous. :D

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  3. Yay! So glad things are going well. :)

    Adorable little fella.

  4. Don't you LOVE the pounds coming off? It's insane!!! And amazing. Keep nursing because they'll keep coming off! I'm back to pre-baby weight although not as toned (that's next). I do work out as much as I can though (I waited until 6 week check up to start anything other than walking). ps- Lion is such a cutie pie!!! Post more pictures! And tell me how the pets are taking it. I'm dying to know.