Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter...a little late

Easter was largely uneventful, other than the whole resurrection thing... ;)  However, I did at least manage to pull off two pictures.  The day started surprisingly late as the animals let us sleep til 7.  Man, talk about lazy!  We still ended up worried about making it to church on time, because you KNOW that I was not going to be ok with standing for the entire service.  We fortunately made it with a few spaces to spare, which turned out to be even more necessary than we thought.  It was H O T.  They didn't have the air on, it hit 80-something that day, and hundreds of people were packed into our little church.  I managed to not leave, but the pregnant woman a couple rows in front of me had to step out for a bit.  

My sweet mother insisted that since we wouldn't be seeing any family, and this would be one of the last chances that we had to dress up and go out as just the two of us, that we go to an Easter brunch.  We ended up at the Radnor Hotel, and it was DELICIOUS.  Which of course meant that we ate entirely too much.  That did not stop us from hitting the dessert bar, though!

And, can you believe it?  I got Chris to take a picture.  Well, there may also be some of my back on the camera, but this one is pretty decent.  Even if I had to change dresses after church because I decided the other was too tight, and consequently, too short.  The wardrobe is very limited these days, folks!  Enjoy the whale watching known as 35 weeks:

There are more and more bets going around that I'm not making it to 40 weeks.  And...I honestly wouldn't mind.  We are ONE WEEK from full term, and then the Lion is welcome to make an appearance any time he wants.  I'm up to having a few contractions a day, but it's still the swelling that is killing me.  Just because I'm pregnant, Chris's opinion of air conditioning has not changed, so the 80-something temps this week has made life rafts of my feet.  I don't know if I can take it.  I understand that I'm usually all environmentally (and fiscally) conscious, but I may need some air conditioning in my life very soon.

Hope everyone's Easter was great! 


  1. I bet you don't go the full 40 weeks either. :)

  2. You look great! ALMOST there!!! I hope you are getting ready to pack hospital bags and make sure the carseat is properly installed!!!