Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five: Pregnancy Surprises

Since I have been so bad about posting, I figured I'd do a preview of what I'll talk about next week.  5 things that have surprised me about pregnancy...and link into Kat's Friday Five.

1.  Animal reactions

Harper didn't care for a long time.  Other than she thought I smelled funny.  Recently, all the changes in the house and working on the nursery has sent her EPI into a tailspin.

Monster has been VERY aware from very early on.  He's been much more in to laying on me, and will do odd things like sleep lying against my stomach, even while the Lion is kicking him.

2.  EVERYTHING swells

Early on, it was my nasal passages.  The neti pot became my best friend. 

Now?  It's everywhere.  My hands may not look huge to you, but I usually have scrawny, boney hands.  Not these marshmellows-stuck-in-a-microwave.  And, even more surprising?  The swelling HURTS!  I have had serious trouble holding a screwdriver or typing in the past week.

3.  There's more than one size of maternity clothes.  And you will NEED more than one size of maternity clothes.

It's a little hard to tell from this picture.  I thought it would be more impressive.  On the left, are a pair of size 4 non-maternity skinny jeans.  In the middle is a pair of size 4 maternity skinny jeans with a full-panel belly.  On the right are my current skinny jeans.  Size 8 maternity and sit below the belly.

4.  How much I would miss my husband

Don't get me wrong, hormones make me incredibly AGGRAVATED with him, but because I get up approximately 50 times a night, I usually sleep on the futon in the nursery.  Boo.

5.  What I'd actually crave's not pickles and ice cream around here.  

Do Tums count as a craving?  I'm almost through 3 of these big bottles.

CITRUS.  I alone eat about a pineapple and 4 oranges a week.

And even put lemons in my water.

Now go look at cute pictures of Kat's baby


  1. The swelling was the absolute WORST. My lips would swell and split open while I slept. UGH. Plus, this should make you feel better about your cravings, I actually craved peanut butter and pickles... And would eat them...together... on a Saltine. :)

  2. awwwww it's almost over! Thankfully my husband is a deep sleeper so he rarely woke up when I did. Because I did wake up about 09248350948325 times a night too.

  3. How far along were you when you wrote this? I am curious as to when the hand swelling started!

    Your list is great- I didn't know that about animals!!!!