Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Shower: PA Version

 I was very lucky that the moms decided to throw the shower at our house, even if it meant a lot of cleaning, and a semi-awkward scenerio where Chris and I weren't present at the beginning because we were at the animal hospital, but otherwise?  I'd highly recommend your own house.  You don't have to transport the gifts, or travel, and it's just generally a lot less taxing...during the shower.

I now have quite a few pictures, but they are the ones my father selected to send me.  Which means there will be no "belly pic".  He only sent me the one with a bare belly that my mom and sister-in-law insisted I take, and sorry.  Love ya'll, but I'm not posting any bare bellies on here.  Even if it continues to be stretch-mark free (everyone please knock on wood now).

Chris's relatives.  4 aunts, a neighbor, and a cousin.  They all traveled a lot to be there and I appreciate it so much!  And most of them were part of getting our crib, which obviously makes them some of the most useful gift-givers ever!  Thank you, ladies!

This must have been early on because it's missing a lot of the food.  I was mystified where all the tables came from until I realized that I was missing a dining room table.  It might be the one in the back of the photo.  ;)

My amazing haul thanks to some very generous friends and family!

Notre Dame girls from my dorm.  Also known as "Phoxy Ladies".  I actually think I've managed to forget the cheers, though.  Anyone remember?  Shannon and Katie both came up from DC during one of their few weekends in the country!  So lucky!

Apparently we have some big-ole sheets of toilet paper.  I was a lot fewer than anyone anticipated...which I of course can't remember the number now.  But it was low.  Smaller than Cathy's at her shower, and she was only 6 months (and tiny!)

Though some people tried to claim it wasn't the toilet paper's fault, and rather where Happy measured.  But I think that this picture proves she did a good job.  So, take that sore losers!  

The quilt that my mother-in-law made for the baby.  MANY people continued to push her to start an Etsy site, but she's still laughing it off.  She even finished this large, complicated quilt BY HAND in only 3 weeks.  She could easily knock some out on a regular basis.  But, up to her.  I'll just leave it at I think she's talented enough to do it.

Competition of the mothers.  Not really.  But there's the diaper cake you've seen before that my mother made, and the basket of onesie "flowers" that my mother-in-law did.

And my brother showing his enthusiasm toward being an uncle in the most manly of ways...gift assembly!  (Well, and he also gave us the stroller.  Which is incredibly nice of him.)  We already joked that he and my sister-in-law can use it in a couple years since it's her school colors.  (Clemson Tigers)  Though we WERE the ones to register for it.  We just like orange.

And...fine.  I may regret this.  Here's the belly from later that night.  Ugh.  I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow.

Thank you everyone!  It was so great to see you all!  (Even the many of you that aren't pictured.  I still love ya, I just don't have the images.)


  1. It was 11 squares of toilet paper.

  2. so fun! that quilt is amazing!

  3. lol you. Your belly looks cute!!! I love the outtie belly button. Mine is a hard core innie and turned into a hardcore outtie during pg. hehehehe. PS- my shower was at our house too and that is SO NICEEEEEEEEEE. Except, like you mentioned, not being there during set up. That was weird.