Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 25

Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven't taken a belly pic in awhile.  I did a little better with the taking a picture in a mirror concept this time.  It helped that I had my good camera back and I COULD take it without a flash.  And...we're still struggling with looking like we're pregnant in these parts.  The sweater I wore yesterday?  Totally covered up the bump and I was back to just looking chubby.  This one does a bit of a better job.  Thank you, again, Megan.  I'm thoroughly enjoying your clothes.  :)

Welcome to week 25!!!

My recent obsession has been to follow the viability statistics, because you know what?  We are now on the chart!  At week 25, there is 50% viability!  Not that I want to meet the Lion any time soon, and viability doesn't equal HEALTHY, but it's good to have yet another reassurance.  And, assuming we make it to next week?  80%.  Crazy how fast he's developing at this point.

How am I feeling?  Difficult question.  Until last Thursday, I was finally hitting my stride.  I was feeling alright, just a little achy and tired, but was finally starting to feel like I could handle this pregnancy stuff.  Then Thursday, AHHHH Thursday.  I had been sick previously that week, but Thursday confirmed that I would be returning to morning sickness in the 3rd trimester.  Not only did I lose dinner, but I threw my back out in the process.  This past weekend was unbelievably painful, and only today am I feeling mobile, and not living on Tylenol.  That being said, I have high hopes that, while still nauseous, I'll do better with it on this 2nd go-around.  Yes, I have stockpiled saltines, ginger snaps, peppermint livesavers, and all my old standbys.  Bring it on.

How's the Lion doing?  As far as I know?  Just peachy.  He's kicking (and punching) away, and seems to be now turned in the right direction.  I was pretty sure he was breach earlier because of the low kicks, but now the kicks are up into my lungs, and the softer punches are lower, so I believe everything is as it should be.  I have another appointment next Wednesday where I can tell you more.

Any news from the doctor?  No, and I'm assuming no news is good news.  I took my glucose screening last week, and haven't heard a peep, so presumably that came back as it should.  I had the orange-flavored bottle of liquid, though I would never have known it.  I stood in front of the nurses station and chugged it so quickly that I received an amazed "Wow" from those that witnessed.  College trained me well.  I wish I hadn't gotten it QUITE so cold because it gave me an ice cream headache.  I believe that the ladies advising to chill it might have taken a bit more time with theirs.

Where are you in weight gain and maternity clothes?  According to my unofficial scale at home, I am up 15 pounds.  I had mis-estimated last post I did, and was in fact 12 pounds up at that time, so I'm actually not gaining as quick as it might seem.  And with the return of morning sickness?  We'll see how it goes.  I am SOOOO thankful for Megan's clothes right now!  I started in Tina's clothes, quickly outgrew those, and only have a few of my own, so having Megan's to supplement is such a Godsend.  It's pretty much maternity wear every day now, though.       

So, Grandma and Grandpa, do you believe that I can look pregnant now? 


  1. Looking good!!!! Sucks about the morning sickness :( UGH I hope it doesn't last

  2. :) I think you look fabulous! Sorry to hear about the sickies!! Its so funny with the whole boy/girl thing- everyone seems to have different thoughts & opinions. My sister carried really low and had a girl! I think we're all just so different- its hard to tell! Thanks for the comment ;)