Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Power of Suggestion

I haven't really thought that I was having all that many cravings, but I seemingly am ENTIRELY suggestible to whatever someone else is eating.  It all started one day when Katy of Katy's Neverending Story talked about her fantastic pound cake.  I did bid on it, but it was a hot commodity and I lost out.  Of course, that Saturday also brought on a phone call from my mother asking how many eggs to put in a pound cake.  I told her my recipe had 5, she thought only 3, and, well, let's say she was disappointed later, but I am thoroughly loving mine.

So, Katy?  You either get the praise or the blame for my indulgence, depending on how you look at it.  Then, of course, I live on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel.  This has been referred to in the pregnancy forums as "Food P*rn" (sorry, I don't want the search engines linking THAT here).  I'm not entirely certain what show discussed Chicken Marsala, but, of course, it showed up on our plates for dinner.    

I suppose this is not a terrible thing, that I keep feeling the need to live in the kitchen, though perhaps Chris at least would prefer if all of you would discuss some healthier options.  I just hope that nothing too bizarre gets suggested, because you never know, I'll probably try it!


  1. HAHA! Girl, I will send you a pound cake asap! And I'll send your mom my recipe :)

  2. Aw man that looks AWESOME!!!!! YUM! And thank you both for participating in the bake sale!!! :)