Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harper is Improving!

Sorry I've been so quiet, but we've been as hectic as you may have guessed.  But we have good news!  Harper is responding well to treatment!  It's VERY expensive, so our pockets aren't loving it, but at least our puppy is.  One B12 shot is $16.50, and she gets one of those weekly.  One 12 oz bottle of enzyme powder is $129, and we estimate that will last us a little over 2 months.  (The vet tech tried to tell us 300 days, but we think she's confused.  Harper needs 1 tsp with every meal.  Believe us, we've run the math a million times by now.)  Also, as she progresses, she'll do a blood test every month or so until she's better...which is a couple hundred.  Puppies are not cheap propositions, people!

But the most encouraging sign?  This:

That picture may not look like much, but let me tell you why it's fantastic.  That is a puppy with a wet head because she wouldn't stay out of the shower while I was in it.  She was too busy biting at the stream of water and having a wonderful time.  She's starting to get back to her old, playful self!  Such a relief.  It's probably been almost two months since she's played this game, and we're happy to have it back, even if it does make for a wet bathroom, and public shower.