Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Lion at 26 Months

So...this was awhile ago, and did I miss last month?  I don't even know anymore. I'm so terribly behind. Robby is a new kid. He speaks so well, and gets into everything. There is literally not z singled "child proof" item he can't open. Wine cabinet?  Yup. Stove knobs?  Sure can. So the doors on the new house have gained lovely new features... Chains or hooks at the top of a few. Well, I can't shock everyone too much and do a truly great post. So a run down:

- Sleep. Rob's now in a crib without a side. He sleeps fine at night, but naps at home are a struggle. At daycare?  They're great. 

- The new school. He loves it and is doing great, though he was bitten on Friday and has been upset about it. 
-  Food. He's eating perfectly. Nothing to report. He loves sweets, yogurt, turkey, whole apples, eh, it changes. 

- Play. He prefers trucks and playgrounds. 

- TV. Favorite current movie is a Roger Waters concert that he calls "rock on". Favorite tv is Thomas still. 

-  Intellectual leaps. He speaks in intelligible sentences. Can answer concept questions. Can sing on pitch. Loves to drum rhythms. Can identify some letters. 

Alright. I can't take writing on my phone. Obviously we were just in NH. Hopefully I'll do a new house post soon. 

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  1. That looked like a fun trip! Beautiful scenery :) hope the new house is doing great!