Monday, December 3, 2012

My Marriage Role Models...and the Party

Honestly?  I have never been so happy for a party to occur in my life.  Of course, I'm thrilled that my grandparents have stuck it out so long, but there was a selfish component, as well.  I was responsible for assembling a scrapbook of memories and photographs between the time I arrived in Columbus on Tuesday evening and the party Friday afternoon.  I became a little stressed with this task, and I am very grateful for my aunt who madly glue-sticked with me for the last couple hours prior to the event.

My grandparents.  You must understand, this is not a Donna Reed-esque marriage by any means.  Both of my grandparents have strong personalities, and thrive on their differences, to some extent.  This made writing up memories a little interesting.  All of us recited moments where it took 10 minutes to enter a store because there was a debate over which shopping cart to use, or the like.  (True, it happened with me.)  We decided that, perhaps, these were not the memories we wanted to highlight.  Obviously, we came up with ample positive stories, but we certainly had to turn on the internal filter!

That being said, I think this is what makes them GOOD role models.  I came from a family that had grit.  We have fights, we have "words", but we are a very loyal stock.  You stick it out.  You get over it.  And that is why you are strong.  You don't leave things unsaid, or bottled up, or hanging out in the wind.  To be fair, to some extent, this mentality has been difficult for my husband.

Recently, we have dealt with our opposite styles of "discussion".  Ok, arguing.  I let down my filter.  I say what I'm thinking.  And I expect him to do the same...but he doesn't.  Most of the time.  Chris's fighting style is to get quiet.  And there is no quicker way to aggravate me than to refuse to discuss what I see is the problem.  BUT, I do see this as an homage to my grandparents' successful marriage.  Is that bizarre?  I witness two people with the same style that succeeded.  They both have a minimal filter, and for that reason, or perhaps in spite of it, their marriage has bloomed.  

Back to the party.  We spent about an hour taking pictures at my parents' church, then headed over to Anna's Greek Cuisine.  You have to understand that Anna's is a Thanksgiving tradition for my family.  Sure, only my uncle is REALLY Greek, but we all love the food, and have it every post-Thanksgiving Friday.  Anna's wonderful, and specifically makes vegetarian dishes for the family, and we can't say enough good things about Anna and her restaurant.  It's very small, and in a strip mall, so we took up most of the restaurant from 4-6pm.  Well, maybe a little later, but we were supposed to leave!  Everything was DELICIOUS, and we had brought in cupcakes, which Robby indulged heavily in.  My grandparents seemed genuinely touched by the album, and we had a wonderful time.

The moment when he realized that the cupcakes had made my little OCD man "Dirty"

At home, my parents presented them with their project...a HUGE box of letters.  My father had snagged their email contact list and sent out emails to everyone, requesting letters and cards.  Then, some groups they belonged to had sent out further emails (including, accidentally to my grandparents), and my mother and aunt had posted the request on Facebook.  So, this ended up being less than a complete surprise to my grandparents, but they were overwhelmed by how many people responded.  We're talking about well over a hundred!  And they are continuing to show up at my parents house, even today.  They obviously have made a huge impact on people in their 60 years of marriage.  

I think the event was a huge success, and I'm so lucky to have them in my life.  Happy 60 years, Grandma Jane and Grandpa George!


  1. We are the same! I like to argue/discuss/duke it out and my hubby just gets quiet. Makes me crazy! Congrats to your grandparents! What an awesome legacy!

  2. How wonderful! 60 years!!! I am like you with the dealing with any issues head on, I always need closure with arguments and I pretty much say anything on my mind :) my poor husband has learned to deal, and now although he can be quiet, he is pretty much the same way too.

  3. jon and i are the exact same way!!!!