Monday, February 20, 2012


Ya'll, I had been tearing this house apart looking for our video camera.  It was upsetting me both because I knew there were cute videos that had not been uploaded, and that a new camera just is NOT in the budget.  (Especially after Monster had to get $414 of surgery last week.  But...I suppose that's how it goes.  I was NOT of the opinion of my uncle that we should just trade him in, as he's good as new now.  Love the little guy, and I've owned him for almost 8 years!  Though he was 2 when he showed up on my aunt's doorstep.  I digress.)

Chris found it in the pocket of the camera bag.  Really?  I hadn't checked a mildly obvious spot?  Isn't that always how it goes?  Either that or you find it in a refrigerator.  Or I once found my cell phone in a Kleenex box.  I lose a lot of things.

ANYWAY.  Back to videos.  Before I get sidetracked again.  (And, as I'm hearing murmers over the monitor, I think that will be soon.)  A couple cute clips.

Robby LOVES lasagna.

This is early yesterday.  By evening he was RUNNING with this walker.

And...he is using absolutely EVERYTHING as a walker.

These are the few times he wasn't screaming.  He has double ear infections AGAIN.  If he gets one more round, they're doing tubes.  Chris and I have both had the flu.  Chris is home from work sick, I'm home because I had switched work for Tuesday as the daycare's closed for President's day.  We have no clue if Robby had it, as he had a fever with the ear infections anyway.  Probably.  He's been a pip.  There's a quick totally random recap.

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  1. Before she really started walking, Peanut used EVERYTHING as a walker haha