Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breaking my Week Plus of Silence

I don't have a post in mind, but here goes what we have been up to.  And a bunch of random pictures.

-  Everyone got the flu.  I was a mess and living in the bathroom.  So much so that Chris had to take a day off of work to care for Robby.  He had to stay home for himself the next day.

-  We went up to the middle of nowhere to visit Chris's parents.

-  My parents "stopped by" our house on the way back from Florida.  It's more than a little out of their way.  We're talking maybe 10 hours of driving extra.

-  I've met up with a bunch of mommies for lunches and such.

-  A couple friends had babies, one of which I got to see and hold.  You forget how itty bitty they are!

-  Robby quit sleeping through the night when he learned to stand up in his crib.  We had a couple painful nights dealing with cry-it-out, but he figured it out and all is back to normal.

-  Now (as in this very second) he is continuing to fight going down for naps.  He has had 45 minutes today, and it is 4pm.  NOT GOOD.

-  He finally started REAL crawling.

-  At the same time as he's gotten better with standing (no support), and is an expert cruiser.

-  He is WORRYING me because he is not growing.  At 6 months he was 27 1/4" and 18 lbs 8 oz.  7 months he was up to 20 lbs.  Now?  He lost a FULL pound, and is only 19 lbs 1 oz and STILL 27 1/4".  Even though he is a piggie.  He has dropped from 75th+ percentile in both to 10-25th.  I will be discussing this with the doctor.  That being said, Chris and I are not particularly big people (which, I'm sure is pretty darn obvious), so 10-25th percentile may be where he ends up.

Funniest new trick?  Chris burping and Robby burping back.  Gee, thanks, hun.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much, especially if the dr isn't concerned! He sounds active! The same thing happened to Jackson and Wyatt was never in the 80% like Jackson was but he dropped from the 30th down to 10th. I have two active boys and even though they eat a ton - they have my metabolism :)

  2. I cant believe how big he is!! As for the growth stuff, we never stressed over it. As long as he is eating well, sleeping well and playing well. Our pediatrician told us not to worry/compare to chart stuff either. He said that the curves are different for breast fed babies versus bottle fed and that we should be more along the lines of doubling the babies birth weight by 6 months and tripling it by a year. We were exactly on track for that...AM was 7.8 when she was born and 15.5 at 6 months and right at 20 lbs at a year. They grow SO fast in the first few months and then it slows ginormously. Also there were times when AM grew wider then thinned out, then wider then thinned out. Maybe thats the stage Robby is in and he is about to hit a spurt! Hope that helps and I am interested to know what your ped says!

  3. Glad to see you're back to posting. I was getting nervous when I didn't see any for so long. Anyway....robby's burning a lot of calories by crawling, crusing and even standing is tough when you haven't built up those muscles. Cute pics.

  4. Welcome back and OMG he burps back? That's hilarious. I love all the photos - especially the ones with him and Chris - adorable. I hope the flu is gone and past and you guys are all feeling better!