Monday, February 1, 2010

The Forgotten Child

Monster doesn't so much enjoy the new addition to the family. may seem like Monster and Harper are "playing" when they run around after each other, and Harper certainly loves it, but Monster? His world has been rocked.

Gone are the days when it used to be Monster that would greet us at the door, and talk to us (he is a Siamese after all) about his day, and cuddle, and demand butter. He still does all these things on occasion, but recently he's much more likely to be hanging out in the bathroom by the vent. A little bit because it's nice and toasty warm, but mostly because the baby gate is usually up and preventing Harper from terrorizing/jumping on him.

I'm sorry, little buddy, we'll try and give you more lovin'!

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  1. He looks like a beautiful cat. Thanks for visiting my blog.