Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sharing Every Day

A couple of days ago, I was at the bank, and the teller asked how I was...for some reason it took me a moment to answer. He asked about my pause, and I responded that I just had to process the question. We got into a discussion about how frequently people tend to just brush people off in every day life, and fail to stop and talk with those around them. I shared a story about how my boss, knowing I am a disgustingly cheerful morning person, once bet me that I couldn't say "hello" in my cheerful, sing-song way to every person we met on our travels to a client site. If I could, he would buy my morning cup of coffee. (You have to realize that our travels start with a 6:19am train, and so this is truly a test of my morning-person-ness.) Not only did I sing-song to people we knew, or interacted with, but EVERY...SINGLE...PERSON we passed in the train station, and on our walk. Needless to say I won my coffee. And also made quite a few people smile.

The conversation at the bank just reminded me how important it is to connect. Also, how I used to lament the cold nature of the east coast when I originally moved here. So, post-bank, I am again making an effort to have "real" conversations with people I interact with. You really notice a response, too! I am pleased to say that the woman at the grocery store (who got off work in 45 minutes, but was tormented by a clock that always had the wrong time on it), and the nurse who drew my blood (and explained how the yellow goo in the vial helped separate the blood serum, and remembered me coming in two days in a row), both responded very well, as did countless others. So, I hope I can continue to be a sickeningly cheerful person. Nudge me if I forget.

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