Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Case I Forget

Sometimes Robby wears me out.  The kid is smart, and opinionated, and energetic, and I have said all of these things since day one.  This is a two sided coin, but admittedly?  Some days can strike me as just too tough.

And then there are days like Sunday, where I am reminded that I have been blessed beyond all measure.  And you know why?  I KEPT HIM BUSY.  Yes, if I try and convince him he wants to sit still and watch football, he's going to throw a temper tantrum every 5 seconds, beat up the cat, and climb every object in a 10 foot radius the second my back is turned.  But if we DO something?  Angel wings, folks.

We started out the day at Ikea looking for a kid-sized table and chairs.  We succeeded with that...and about 10 other "must have" items.  You know how that works.  Robby thought that Ikea was MADE for him.  Especially the kid rooms that were set up with the little porthole doors in between each one that he could run through.  One even had a SLIDE.  He was a maniac.  In a semi-controlled way, though.  He ended up getting a "baby" even though my husband wasn't so sure about getting our boy a doll, but I was firm that encouraging him to perhaps be gentle and compassionate might be good.  While there have been some hugs and tea parties (with his new plates of course), there also has been much swinging of the baby by his foot, and beating of the dog.  Ah, well.  You win some, you lose some.

We went to Qdoba for lunch (skipping the returns we needed to make at Target and Babies R Us), and Robby had a big moment!  He can finally drink out of a straw!!!  He was so very proud of himself.  And, well, happy that he was getting to drink some of mom's lemonade.  Jumping back, he also started saying "tickle tickle tickle" and tickling people that morning, which I NEED to get on video.  Anyway, good lunch, headed home, nap time.

Chris needed to work since he was going to a conference this week, and I decided to tackle some purging tasks.  I got a pretty good sized donation bag of clothes, and cleaned out a couple closets.  They probably need a second run, though.  It's just never ending!  It was a brief nap, and then Mr. Crankypants was up and wailing.

Robby and I decided to hit the outlets for his winter wardrobe so Chris could wax his car.  We shopped and shopped for 2 1/2 hours!  In virtually every store, I had an employee or fellow mom (as we were only in kids' stores) comment how well behaved he was.  Though, one employee commented, "I get the impression he would just smile and walk away with me."  Yeah, yeah, I know...we need to work on that "stranger" thing.  He sat in his stroller calmly playing with a hat, or cup, or watching people for a large percentage of the time.  Then, when he got fed up, he played nicely with some kids in little play set ups in a couple stores.  I did create trouble for myself that I let him ride a little plane, and now we will never be able to walk by one of those coin-operated wonders again.  I really could not have asked for him to be more charming or well-behaved.  And this is what I don't want to forget.  That he can be angelic.  Not all the time, but there are some days that I've got myself one amazing kid.


  1. So impressive that he set in a stroller for so long. P can do about 20 minutes tops. Then she wants to run around.

    I always make some kinda plans or just get out of the house and walk around downtown or around the green. It's the best way to go.