Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday 5: Most Ridiculous Searches that Landed People Here this Month

I've had some keyword doozies this month.  I can't believe some of the search terms that have led people to this site!  Now, I mean no offense if that's any of you currently reading, but I just had to share.

1)  "Longest version of happy birthday"

I have no idea what I wrote that satisfied that...or why you'd want to know?  Is there someone you really want to make squirm while you drag out the singing?

2) "I am a monster and need to change"

Honestly, I find this kind of scary.  And I also think that the search is somewhat vague.  You'd think someone would search about addiction, or personality disorders, or...I don't know.  I'm speculating.  But just a cure for monster-hood?  Mystifying.

3)  "Joke of Mother Nature (5 pics)"

I know that I wrote about a joke of mother nature.  But in complete opposition to the last search, I find this perplexingly specific.  Not 4 pictures?  Not 6 pictures?  Only 5.

4)  "People who dont look pregnant when they are"

Well, thanks!  That picture was from 26 weeks, I believe.

5)  "Man cave Penn state"

And this one just makes me sad.  Because it's all too true.  Both that I gave in and let my husband have a Penn State man cave...and that the flood destroyed it.  Mother Nature had a GREAT sense of humor on that one.  ;)


  1. I just laughed REALLY loud at number 2. Like still laughing... as I type this comment... What do they think they're going to find on Google? I would suggest a therapist if that person comes back by.

  2. HAHAHAH People who don't look pregnant when they are!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME! I have some CRAZY ones on mine too!

  3. oh no! your husband went to penn state :( ha ha! my uncle and brother went there and plus... they really aren't THAT big of a rival (although, I can imagine so being in the same house!)