Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Hands

Owwweeee. Ok, yes, I do not have callouses built up as my co-worker pointed out. But that's not ALL of it. My thumb is torn open from drill vibrations, but my pinky is pained from the stupid guy at Home Depot dropping 5 sheets of concrete board on it. Surprisingly, it's not really discolored, even if it hurts like the dickens still. Maybe I'll have a nail for the engagement photos yet!

Progress has been slow. Since the last update, we've....completed nothing. There have been steps made on the bathroom (quite a few, has a light, and a vent, and fixed plumbing, and drywall, etc...), steps on the family room (Bob the Builder is fixing the joists today. Yay!), steps on decor (curtains made, fabric for cushions bought, etc...), and much, much cleaning. Just wish things would get FINISHED so that Chris could quit being Mr. Cranky-pants.

And, btw, concrete board (cement board, rock board, backer board, etc) is a creation of the devil. Yes, it smashed my hand, and that started my hatred, but it also stinks, is crumbly, hard to cut, dries out your hands, and I could go on for the rest of the page. Long version of complaining short: hire someone, kidnap someone, bribe someone, do whatever you can to avoid the blasted stuff.

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